The Parable of the Talents (told in Luke 19 and Matthew 25) tells the story of three stewards left in charge of their Master’s wealth while he was away. Those who subscribe to a biblical worldview, acknowledging that all wealth ultimately belongs to God and we are his stewards, quickly see the parallels.

It’s estimated that Christians, God’s stewards, manage over 150 trillion dollars, more than half the world’s wealth. If we are passive with our investment strategy, we are likely inadvertently channeling the Master’s capital to business endeavors would oppose. 

The Master demonstrated his value for humankind by creating us in his very image and sending his only Son as our Savior. As he was willing to pay such a high price to redeem us back into his family, we stewards might conclude that there’s nothing more important to God than people. Yet, many of us are unwittingly investing the Master’s capital into companies that steal, kill, and destroy humankind, in one way or another—through activities such as abortion, addictive substances, etc. These are the campaigns of his enemy, the thief.

Yes, I believe that when we invest unintentionally, allowing resources to be channeled to the enemy, we are not being wise stewards of our Master’s “talents” while he is away. But even more than being passive participants in negative businesses, we’re missing an enormous Kingdom opportunity.  

As stewards of the Master’s resources, we have the power to connect capital with positive impact. Imagine with me what might be possible, and how much kingdom influence we might achieve together, if every believer invested their share of those $150 Trillion intentionally!

What if Christian-managed dollars, invested by people like you and me, were directed into life-saving medical companies, clean water or clean energy technologies, or businesses that are solving the problem of food insecurity? 

Faith-driven investors, and the creative businesses to which they supply capital, can work together to pull heavenly values and culture into the earth as they find redemptive solutions to the problems that cannot be solved by governments, or even the church. As faithful stewards, in charge of the Master’s resources, we have the power to create change by aligning our investments with our Master’s values.

Published on April 04 2024