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Infusing Your Portfolio with Purpose: Investing with Head & Heart

Imagine your investments as a garden. Would you plant seeds for a quick harvest that might harm the ecosystem? Or would you intentionally plant those that promote flourishing, benefiting not just your plot but the surrounding environment as well?

Three Prayers from a Heart of Stewardship

How can we make meaningful progress in eliminating human suffering such as food scarcity, insufficient access to healthcare and education, and so much more?

The Best Investment I’ve Ever Made

Have you ever considered adding a line item to your budget that is proportionate to your income and your faith that is to be used for spontaneous investment opportunities?

The Head + Heart Approach to Investing

How much richer could our investing become if we allowed our hearts a seat at the table.

True Treasure

Give, save and spend according to your calling. In a quick but impactful read, Rachel provides frameworks for how to pursue money with the Kingdom in mind.

Physical copies available on request.


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Tapping into Your Heart for Successful Investing in Volatile Markets

Are our emotions always a bad thing when it comes to investing? And is it possible or wise to turn them “off” when it comes to something as significant as investing our life’s savings?

The Parable of the Talents in Modern Investing

Faith-driven investors, and the creative businesses to which they supply capital, can work together to pull heavenly values and culture into the earth.

Money & Marriage

It’s always the right time to invest in your marriage, and work towards honor, agreement, understanding, and unity even with your finances.

Managing God's Money

As stewards, the more that we press in to know God’s heart, understand his heavenly values and ways, and seek his Kingdom, the more that our financial decisions align with and re-present Him to the world around us.


Rachel McDonough, CFP®, CKA®, RICP®
Wealth Advisor  |  Wealth Squared

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